What in the world is the Holy Order of Convivial Narwhals?

For years I’ve been troubled by the struggles of adult Christians living alone.  Marriage, God’s solution to this problem, is ideal but often not an available option.  There has got to be another way!

I’m casting a vision for a monastic order–Holy Order of Convivial Narwhals.  It is not your grandfather’s monastic order!  It is temporary, adaptable, task-oriented, co-educational, and without formal connection to other groups in the Order.  Its purpose is to create an environment where Christians can experience intimate relationships for the purpose of increased godliness and ministry/life success.

Instead of being named after an old-timey saint, it is named after a social animal that lives in a harsh, dangerous, cold and dark environment.  And it has a giant spear coming out of its mouth.  The symbolism isn’t exactly subtle.

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Oh, I also invented a new way to do church–CORPUS “Congregation Of Redeemed People United in Service”.  That document is only a few pages long, so if you’re interested, it won’t cost you much time to look–just click on the CORPUS tab.